Waterloo Community Access TV began in 1980. Bill Wendt was the original Director. Alderman Robert Thompson (Ward 1) was instrumental in supporting WCATV politically and through volunteer hours.

WLOO CATV is funded by franchise fees paid by whichever cable company provides services to the area. These fees are mandated by state statute. They are paid into a segregated account, for the sole use of the station. No tax dollars are used to fund the station.

Several cable companies have come and gone but the service has been continuous and franchise fees keep coming in.

The WLOO CATV Board is the statutory supervisory body for the station. The Program Director runs the station and arranges programming. The Director is co-administrator of the Waterloo Community Website.

We tape and air many community events. Examples include: City Band, Wellness Wednesdays, and sporting events.

WLOO CATV owns the Waterloo Community website. Website members pay a modest subscription fee. Website members must be organizations dedicated to the public benefit and agree to abide by the website Policies and Procedures.