Loose leaves and compostable yard waste may be deposited at the Compost Site located in Firemen's Park.  May 8th was the last day of the Curbside Spring Loose Leaf and Yard Debris pickup. The next scheduled loose leaf and yard debris pickup will be in the fall (date to be determined). 



  • Brush Pick-Up Service (April 6 - October 19, 2020)
  • the weeks of...

              * 4/6   * 4/20   * 5/4   * 5/18   * 6/1   * 6/15   * 6/29   * 7/13   * 7/27   * 8/10   * 8/24   * 9/8  

              * 9/21   *10/5   * 10/19

Brush service is not available during the months of November through March, unless a major storm occurs, (the last scheduled date for chipping brush will be October 29th.

Brush needs to be placed curbside before 6 a.m. Brush pickup includes tree branches, twigs:

  • Cuttings less than 8 inches in diameter: Branches or limbs less than 8 inches in diameter may be neatly piled or stacked with the butt end toward the curb side for collection. Each individual branch or limb shall not exceed 50 pounds in weight.

  • Cuttings greater than 8 inches in diameter: All cuttings greater than 8 inches in diameter such as tree trunks, whether cut in blocks or whole, or large main branches shall be disposed of by the cutter and shall not be collected by the City.

  • Cuttings done by private contractor: All tree, brush or shrubbery cuttings resulting from work performed by a private tree care or gardening/landscape contractor shall be disposed of by said contractor and shall not be collected by the City.

Holiday trees will be picked up in January.

No brush is allowed at any time at the City's compost site located in Firemen's Park.



The Public Works Department picks up the following items curbside every other Monday throughout the year. 

FALL LEAF PICKUP: Loose leaves must be placed in the curb line (dates to be determined) or can be taken to the compost site located in Firemen’s Park.

GRASS, LEAF AND GARDEN DEBRIS will have to be hauled to the compost site located in Firemen's Park.  No Brush is to be dropped off at the compost site or any other garbage. 

SCRAP IRON and METAL: Scrap iron and metal (except automobile bodies)


AMMUNITION: Ammunition shall not be placed with garbage or rubbish for collection but shall be brought to the Waterloo Police Department or call 920.478.2343

WOOD:  The Department of Public Works no longer picks up wood products of any type.  They will only pick-up trees and/or bushes.  Wood products will need to broken or cut up and placed in garbage containers. (Items dropped off at the Public Works yard are no longer accepted)

E-WASTE:  E-waste (TV's, computers and other electronic items) is collected by Badgerland Disposal.  Please call Badgerland Disposal to set up a pickup time at 608-580-0580.