Reported Hostage Situation

On August 18, 2009, at 3:12 PM, a call was received of a female being held hostage at 622 Knowlton St., Apt #8. Waterloo Police responded, along with officers and deputies of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Department, Jefferson County Tactical Response Team, Marshall Police Department and the Wisconsin State Patrol. The victim and an infant were released at 3:50 PM. The suspect, Joshua Williams, surrendered to law enforcement and was taken into custody at 4:55 PM. No law enforcement or civilians were injured in the incident. Charges are pending with the Jefferson County District Attorney's Office.

On Wednesday March 17, 2010, the Waterloo Police Department received a complaint of an unknown male exposing his genitals to a teenage girl. The incident reportedly occurred at approximately 4:45 PM at the Karl Junginger Memorial Library. The suspect did not attempt to make physical contact with or speak to the victim. The suspect is described as a white male in his mid 40's, approximately 5'10" tall, with a skinny build. He had short light brown hair and no facial hair. The suspect was last seen wearing a white short sleeve T-shirt, tan camouflage shorts and sandals. If anyone has information has concerning this person, please contact the Waterloo Police Department at 920.478.2343. Callers wishing to remain anonymous may call the we-tip hotline at 1.800.782.7463. Parents are encouraged to talk with their children about safety behaviors. Children should be encouraged to contact any adult immediately and call 911 for help. The Schools have been notified of this incident.

One June 9, 2010, the Waterloo Police Department received a report of a citizen from Waterloo receiving a check in the mail supposedly from the Holden Financial Services as a reward from the MEGA MILLION SWEEPSTAKES. The citizen reports never hearing of the company or of the sweepstakes. Upon checking into this, the Holden Financial has a scam alert on their website that states their name is being used for such a scam. If you should receive something similar in the mail, it is suggested you write "Scam and Fraud" on the envelope, and return it to your local Post Office, who will forward it to the appropriate office for further investigation

The Waterloo Police Dept. will be hosting the National Pharamaceutcal Take-Back Initivtive. Controlled, non controlled, and over th counter substances may be disposed of at the Police Depatment from 10AM - 4PM This program is anonymous and all efforts will be made to protect the anonymity of individuals disposing of medications. No liquids, intntra-venous solutions, or injuectibles will be accepted

Scams in Waterloo At the Waterloo Police Department we have seen a rise in fraud reports, more commonly known as “scams”. You may be contacted by a person through the mail, phone or internet (e-mail) and are asked to send money for something you may have won, it’s probably a scam. For example if you won the lottery from another country that you have not played or won a car you didn’t sign up to win. These are scams. Scams are happening all over on the internet through Craigslist and through e-mails. A scammer may call you using a reputable company’s name like Reader’s Digest or Publisher’s Clearing House and provide you with false information. All “scams” (frauds) are similar in which you receive a check or money order in the mail advising you to cash it and keep a portion of it for your time and send the remaining amount back to them. Normally the scammer will want you to cash the check as fast as you receive it and send them money back in the form of Western Union, Green Dot Money Packs, check or other form of payment. When this happens it does not give you enough time to think about what is happening with your money and does not give enough time for the check to clear your bank. When the check finally clears your bank, your money is gone and the check was not good to begin with. Anytime you deposit a check, request the bank to contact you when the check has cleared to ensure the proper funding is there. Please don’t send money immediately when you receive the check from a person, unless your bank advises you the check is valid. When scammers contact you they will try to pressure you into sending money to them immediately. If you have internet access, you can find more information at Wisconsin’s Department of Justice website: If you have any questions about a possible scam you can contact the Waterloo Police Department at 920-478-2343.