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Presented here is but a very small part of the Ordinances of the City of Waterloo. However we have attempted to include those which have been most frequently questioned for content. If you have questions pertaining to a particular ordinance or law, that may not be included here, please contact the City Clerk's office during normal business hours (8:00 am to 4:30 pm) at 136 North Monroe Street, Phone number 920-478-3025, or the Police Department during normal business hours (7:00 am to 3:30 pm) at 136 North Monroe Street. Phone Number 920-478-2343. All business hours are Monday thru Friday, weekends and holidays excluded.

§350-7 - Parking

§350-7D - Limited Time Parking During Certain Hours
Unless specifically otherwise provided, between the hours of 8:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M., except on Sundays and legal holidays, no person shall park a vehicle for any longer than 2 hours upon the following streets or portions thereof:

  1. On the south side of East Madison Street, from its intersection with South Monroe Street easterly to its intersection with South Washington Street.
  2. On the north side of East Madison Street, from its intersection with North Monroe Street easterly to its intersection with Mill Street.
  3. On both sides of South Monroe Street, from its intersection with East and West Madison Streets southerly to Taylor Street.
  4. On North Monroe Street, from its intersection with East and West Madison Streets northerly to and including 176 North Monroe Street.
  5. On West Madison Street, from its intersection with North and South Monroe Streets westerly to North and South Jackson Streets.

§350-7E - Parking in Parking Lots Regulated
No person shall park any vehicle in any public parking lot for more than 24 hours without the permission of the Police Department or by permit. (Permits, with certain restrictions, are obtained from the City Clerk's Office)(See §350-7E(1)) for restrictions in municipal lot)

§350-7F - All Night Parking on Certain Streets Regulated
No person, except a licensed physician on an emergency call, shall park a vehicle between 3:00 A.M. and 5:00 A.M. on any day on the following streets or parking lots:
(1) On Monroe Street, from the railway track north to and including 176 North Monroe Street. (2) On Madison Street, from Mill Street to Jackson Street. (3) In the municipal parking lot on North Monroe Street except by permit.

§350-7G - Winter Parking Regulations   
No person shall park in any city street or public parking lot in the City between the hours of 1:00 A.M. and 6:00 A.M. from November 15 to April 1, except by permit.  Interested in applying?  Here is an application.

§350-7H - Truck Parking Regulations
(1) No person shall, at any time, park, stop or leave standing, whether attended or unattended, any trailer or semitrailer, whether or not attached or connected to a truck tractor or road tractor, on any street in any district zoned residential. (2) No person shall park, stop or leave standing, with the engine running, any unattended truck tractor or road tractor on any street in any district zoned residential.

§133 - Bicycles

§133-1B - Registration Required
No resident of the city shall ride or use a bicycle with wheels of 20 inches or more upon any street in the city unless the same shall have been registered and tagged as herein provided.

§133-1D - Registration Fee and Term
The registration fee for each bicycle shall be as stated in the City of Waterloo Fee Schedule and the registration shall not expire during the period the bicycle is owned by the registrant or a member of the registrant's immediate family.

§133-1E - Registration Transfer
Within 2 days after any bicycle registered hereunder shall have changed ownership, the purchaser of the bicycle shall report such information to the Police Department and register the bicycle.

§133-1F - Removal of Tags Prohibited
Except for the purpose of re-registration, no person shall remove, deface or destroy any identification tag.

§133-1G - Conditions of Operation
Every person operating a bicycle upon a public street shall be subject to the provisions of this chapter and all state laws applicable to the operator of any such vehicle. In addition:
(1) Every child under 8 years of age is prohibited from operating a bicycle upon any street designed for motor vehicle traffic. (2) Every child under 10 years of age is permitted to ride and operate a bicycle upon the sidewalks, except in the business district. (3) Every person who may legally operate a bicycle upon the sidewalk must ride such bicycle in single file and give the right of way to all pedestrians.

§133-2 - Skateboards Regulated

No person shall operate a skateboard on the sidewalks in any business district.

§278-2 - Possession and use of Firearms and Other Dangerous Weapons

§278-2B - Possession of Firearms prohibited
In addition to the provisions of sub. (C) below, no person except duly authorized city, village, county, state or federal law enforcement officers specifically authorized by law to carry firearms, shall possess a firearm while in any public building or on any public land within the City.

§278-2C - Use of Firearms Regulated
No person except an authorized police officer shall discharge any firearm within the City or have any firearm in his possession within the City unless it is unloaded and enclosed in a carrying case or other suitable container except as provided in 278-2C(2)

§126-4 - Regulation and Licensing of Dogs §126-4A

Dog License Required It shall be unlawful for any person in the City to own, harbor or keep any dog more than 5 months of age unless it is licensed. §12.11(5) - Rabies Vaccination Required It shall be unlawful for any person to keep any dog in the City which is over 5 months of age and has not received a rabies vaccination as required by §95.21(2), Wis. Stats. No dog license shall be issued until a certificate of rabies vaccination issued by a veterinarian has been presented. A rabies vaccination tag shall be attached to the collar of all licensed dogs at all times, except as provided in §95.21(2)(f), Wis. Stats.

§126-4G - Restrictions on Keeping of Dogs

It shall be unlawful for any person within the City to own, harbor or keep any dog which: (1) Habitually pursues vehicles upon any street, alley or highway. (2) Molests passersby or assaults or attacks any person without provocation. (3) Is at large within the limits of the City. (4) Habitually barks or howls to the annoyance of any person or persons. This paragraph shall not apply to hospitals for the treatment of small animals or to the premises occupied or used by the City Pound. (5) Kills, wounds or worries any domestic animal. (6) Urinates or defecates on public property or other private property. In the event the animal defecates on another's land or any public right of way, the owner shall immediately remove the feces in a sanitary manner. §126-5 - Duty to Report Animal Bite Every person, including the owner or person harboring or keeping a dog, cat or other animal, who knows that such animal has bitten any person shall immediately report such fact to the Police Department. §126-4J - Number of Dogs Per Household Limited No person, except a kennel licensee, shall own, harbor or keep more that 3 dogs that are more than 5 months of age except in a place or places where animals are impounded or restrained as specified by ordinance. If a total of more than 3 dogs are owned, harbored or kept in or by any one household, the head of the household shall be deemed the person so owning, harboring or keeping such animals, notwithstanding that the dog license or licenses may be issued to other members of the household as owners of such dogs.