Moving Forward during tough times!

The Waterloo Parks Department will still be posting about possible events in the future.  We need to keep moving forward and hoping this all ends soon.  With that in mind, we are posting our next Park Event in hopes we will not have to cancel.



Wiener & Kraut Day Cancellation


To the Citizens of Waterloo,

We have been in the process of organizing this year’s Wiener & Kraut Day. We have had many conversations with individuals and business owners alike. During last night’s Parks Commission Meeting, the board voted 3-0 to cancel the upcoming Wiener & Kraut Day event. As tough as this decision is/was for all of us, the safety and health of Waterloo Citizens is our first goal. We are all Waterloo Citizens and understand what Wiener & Kraut Day means for Waterloo and how it defines us as a City. I know, this decision did not come lightly to any of us and for those that have been here most of their lives.

The Commission’s decision is based on the uncertainty of today’s Novel Coronavirus world. It comes with the inability to be able to keep everyone safe and follow the proper procedures set forth by Jefferson County Health Department and CDC. It comes with more vendors opting out because of the situation we are in. It comes with the uncertainty of the world around us.

We know there will be questions: Why is it okay for you to have softball tournaments, but not W&K Day? Why can you have outdoor concerts and not W&K Day? How can you still have weddings? These are all legitimate questions, and the answer is simply the number of people to control and the necessary steps we need to take to make sure we are doing what we need to do to keep our citizens, our staff and our guests safe. We can control those environments of 100-500 individuals. We cannot make it possible to control this environment and the guidelines needed to make W&K Day a safe and healthy event.

This will also give us time, much needed time to plan and move forward for next year. Wiener & Kraut Day will go through a rebranding of sorts. It has needed some change as it is not the same event it was 60 years ago. Much needed change has been happening in this community and progressing forward, maybe this is what W&K Day needed as well.

We will still be moving forward with our outdoor concerts and most likely will add an additional concert in September. Again, we can do this as with these much smaller events, we can keep with certain guidelines and ensure the safety of our citizens and patrons.

2020 has been a tough year for all of us. We hope you stay safe and healthy throughout the year and hope to see you soon at an event. We thank you for your understanding and continued support.

Sincerely yours,

City of Waterloo Parks Coordinator

Vendors who have sent in to be a part of this years event will receive full refunds or their fees by next week. If you are a vendor who has sent in a registration form, if you do not receive something by next Friday, please contact the Parks Department office.

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