Where are the parks located in Waterloo?
Click here to go to a map of all the locations of Waterloo Parks including future additions.

Does Waterloo have a park for dogs?
Currently we do have a dog park located in between Youker Park and Firemen's Park. Parking is located next to the water treatment facility. An annual dog park pass is $10 or $3 daily. We are currently raising funds for upgrades and enlarging the dog park. Contact 478-3025 to learn how to help!

Who can I call if I have a park related question?
For all parks in Waterloo, you can reach the Parks Department at (920) 478-3025.  This would include any inquiry about a potential rental or upcoming event in Waterloo. 

What is Waterloo's outdoor & recreation plan for the future?
Click here to view the City of Waterloo's Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation plan adopted in 2016.