Implementing Priorities







Begin   Finish   Description
07/15/19   08/13/19   Departments submit proposals to Finance Comm.
08/05/19   08/14/19   Clerk Treasurer's office compiles submittals
08/15/19   10/10/19   Finance Comm. consideration
    10/10/19   Finance Comm. recommendation
    10/17/19   Publish budget summary and hearing notice
11/07/19   11/07/19   Council budget public hearing
11/07/19   11/07/19   Council consideration (11/15 as backup-up finish)


Mayor's Budget Goals

  • Maintain the equalized municipal property tax rate at the 2019 level
  • Create a multi-year budgeting focus
  • Allow for a 2% raise for most municipal non-represented employees
  • Emphasis on expenditures fostering property tax bas growth

Department Submittals

See tab AA Budget Deliberation Reports for a compiled submittals.

(AA) Budget Deliberation Reports

  • Budget Submittals Compiled (coming soon)