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07/08/18 - 08/16/18 Department proposals to Finance Comm.
08/16/18 - 08/16/18 Clerk Treasurer's office compiles submittals
08/16/18 - 10/11/18 Finance Comm. consideration
10/11/18 - 10/11/18 Finance Comm. recommendation
10/18/18 - 10/18/18 Publish budget summary and hearing notice
11/01/18 - 11/15/18 Council consideration


Policies and Procedures

Resolution #2009-33 Budget Policies and Procedures: HERE


• Chapter 53 Waterloo Municipal Code - FINANCE & TAXATION

§53-3 Fiscal Year.

The calendar year shall be the fiscal year.

A. Departmental estimates. Each year, on or before August 1 [amended by Ord. 2008-14], each officer, department and committee shall timely file with the Clerk-Treasurer an itemized statement of anticipated disbursements made to carry out the powers and duties of such officer, department or committee during the preceding fiscal year, and a detailed statement of the receipts and disbursements on account of any special fund under the supervision of such officer, department or committee during such year, and of the condition and management of such fund, along with detailed estimates of the same matters for the current fiscal year and for the ensuing fiscal year. Such statements shall be presented in the form prescribed by the Clerk-Treasurer and shall be designated as "Departmental Recommended Budgets" and shall be as nearly uniform as possible for the main division of all departments for incorporation into the budget document.

B. Preparation procedure.

(1) Budget to include. Each year the Finance, Insurance and Personnel Committee, with the assistance of the Clerk-Treasurer and the appropriate committees, officers and department heads, shall prepare and submit to the Council a proposed budget presenting a financial plan for conducting the affairs of the City for the ensuing calendar year. The budget shall include the following information:

(a) The expense of conducting each department and activity of the City for the ensuing fiscal year and corresponding items for the current year and last preceding fiscal year, with reasons for increase and decrease recommended as compared with appropriations for the current year.

(b) An itemization of all anticipated income of the City from sources other than general property taxes and bonds issued, with a comparative statement of the amounts received by the City from each of the same or similar sources for the last preceding and current fiscal year.

(c) Such other information as may be required by the Council and by state law

(2) Copies for citizens. The City shall provide a reasonable number of copies of the budget thus prepared for distribution to citizen
C. Budget summary. The Clerk-Treasurer shall prepare a summary of the budget and shall publish the notice required under §65.90(3)(a), Wis. Stats. Pursuant to §65.90(3)(b), Wis. Stats., the budget summary shall include the following:
(1) All expenditures, by major expenditure category.
(2) All revenues, by major revenue source.
(3) Any financing source and use not included under Subsection C(1) and (2) above.
(4) All beginning and year end fund balances.
D. Appropriation ordinance. The Finance, Insurance and Personnel Committee shall submit to the Council, at the time the annual budget is submitted, the draft of an appropriation ordinance providing for the expenditures proposed for the ensuing fiscal year. Upon the submission of the proposed appropriation ordinance to the Council, it shall be deemed to have been regularly introduced therein.
E. Hearing. The Council shall hold a public hearing on the budget as required by law. Following the public hearing, the proposed budget may be changed or amended and shall take the same course in the Council as other resolutions.


A. The amount of the tax to be levied or certified, the amounts of the various appropriations, and the purposes thereof shall not be changed by the Common Council after approval of the budget except by a two-thirds vote of the entire membership of the Council pursuant to §65.90(5), Wis. Stats. Notice of such transfer shall be given by publication within 10 days thereafter in the official City newspaper.
B. The heads of each municipal department shall be granted the authority to transfer unspent and unobligated appropriations within departmental budgets in the current budget year, in accordance with the City of Waterloo Budgetary Policies and Procedures document. The policies and procedures document shall be approved by the Council, maintained by the Clerk/Treasurer and amended from time to time as needed.


(B) Budget Deliberation Reports

Now completed, see Finance Committee Recommended Budget tab below