What is the property assessment process?

In Waterloo we do revaluations on an as-needed basis according to what is required by state law. This does not mean that we conduct physical inspections of every property every year. Rather we study the market to determine the value of all properties.

If a change of value occurs, a notice will be mailed to the address. This is typically done in early Spring.

We then conduct what is called "Open Book" time; this is a time for property owners to come in, review their records and discuss any value concerns with the City Assessor. If you wish to object to your assessment, this is the time to initiate the objection process. There are strict deadlines for objecting to the new assessment, so it is very important that you initiate the process right away so you don't lose your right to object.

For further information, click here to go to the Wisconsin Department of Revenue. This link outlines the Wisconsin assessment process and your rights as a property owner.