Loose Animals?

If you have captured or enclosed a homeless animal such as a dog or cat, you can contact the Watertown Humane Society, at 920.261.1270. Or contact the Police Department at 920.478.2343, especially if the animal is loose. The mission of the Watertown Humane Society is to provide for the lost, homeless, neglected and abused animals of the City of Waterloo and to educate and enlighten the public regarding animal welfare.


Preventative health care, including rabies vaccinations, is an important part of a pet's health. Vaccinations are available to ensure that dogs, cats, ferrets or livestock animals will not get rabies. It is the pet owner's responsibility to make sure the shots are kept up-to-date. Wisconsin state law requires that a licensed veterinarian administer the rabies vaccine. State law also makes rabies vaccination mandatory for all dogs. Learn more about vaccinating your pets.



People obtain wild animals in many ways. Some people rob nests or trap these animals. Others can obtain them at pet stores. But most people find young animals that appear to need help, care for them, and later cannot bear to part with them. Learn more about possession of wild animals in Wisconsin.