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In the year 2030, the City of Waterloo will continue to be a vibrant live-work community. Having embraced its history, the City will continue to thrive on its ability to maintain a safe, small-town atmosphere, enriched by the lives of hard-working families and business entrepreneurs.

Settled among the farmlands, woodlands, rivers and drumlins of Jefferson County, Waterloo will pride itself on its natural amenities. The health of the City will be measured by the cleanliness of the air, the water and the land. Parks, schools and regionial open spaces will be interconnected with the City's neighborhoods and downtown.

Development in Waterloo will be strategically planned so as to draw the most benefit from the resources and character of the natural landscape. The downtown will be lively and attractive, local businesses will grow and prosper, and children will be active in a wide variety of school and community sponsored recreational programs.