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The former St. Joseph’s Church erected in 1869, serves as the location of the Waterloo Area Historical Society and Museum.The Museum is situated on a hill overlooking the beautiful city of Waterloo, Wisconsin. It is located on 130 E. Polk St. in Waterloo. With its original bell installed circa 1875, the clocks in the steeple tower completed in the 20th century, the preservation of the 1869 building is ongoing in the 21st century. The Society was established in 1976-77. The steeple clock acts as a beacon telling the passing of   time, as the Society preserves art work, artifacts,family history information,plat maps and photos of the past. There is parking available immediately to the west of the Museum, enter on S. Monroe Street.

The Museum is open from Memorial Day through mid-September, Sundays 1 to 4 P.M. Visitors and genealogy researchers are welcome. Call Maureen at 1-920-478-8015 for more information or email renie.giese@gmail.com for other appointments. Join us as we collect, preserve, display, research and share Waterloo's past

We welcome your visit!

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“What we call History, our Ancestors called Life” Ancestry Insights quote

We have over 100 post cards with area pictures on from the 1900s

Original art from Waterloo’s calendar artists, Zula Kenyon & Adelaide Heibel

Family history information, plat maps dating back to 1872


“Find Your Place in History, Then Go There” Wis Historical Society