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Road work maintenance to better preserve our asphalt roads is scheduled for July 23rd continuing for until approximately July 27th.

The work that will be done requires that there be limited traffic during application (vehicle, by foot, bicycle, etc.) in the project areas until notified or until postings have been taken down.  A Black Boiler Slag Chip Seal, which is an asphalt binder (oil) will be sprayed followed by the application of aggregate (Black Slag).  The aggregate will then be compacted and swept up a few days later.  After the Black Slag is applied you may drive on it but PLEASE BE CAUTIOUS as there is still loose material on the pavement. 

Residents will be required to obey all postings in order to allow for the completion of this project.  Work areas include: McKay Way, Goehl Road, cul-de-sacs in the northeast section of the City and other select areas.  Watch for posted signs.

Chip sealing work should begin on 7/23/2015 or 7/24/2015 and be completed in 1-2 days contingent upon weather.  Following the chip seal Fahner Asphalt Sealers Inc. will be sweeping up the excess material which should begin 3-5 days later.  After sweeping is complete and No Parking signs are removed you may resume normal parking.

We apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your cooperation. Question? Concerns?  Contact Fahner Aspahtl Sealer LLC Project Manager Joe Bass 608-381-7117 or JOE.BASS@FAHRNERASPHALT.COM

Thank you.




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